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Sidecar Project

Air Horn Project

LED Lighting Project

Homemade Jack

Steering Damper

Stella Bling

Last updated:
July 4, 2015


Our Stella story began when I met a friend for lunch one day and he showed up with a Stella/Sidecar rig and I showed up on my Harley. I immediately thought this was one of the coolest things I had seen and told my wife about it when I got home. In April of 2014 Judy and I again met this friend for lunch. Judy got a ride in the sidecar and Jon let me drive him around since he had never been a passenger in the sidecar. While leaving the restaurant Judy and I both said we needed to get one.

Judy and JonJon and Todd

One day while cruising Craigs List I spied a listing for a 2012 Stella 4T in the color we wanted. The owner was asking a reasonable price and it only had 35 miles on it. After a bit of phone tag, we got together and Stella was ours!


During a short break-in period (searching and waiting for a sidecar) Stella was just an everyday scooter waiting to be turned into a thing of beauty, something people pointed at, took pictures of, constantly smiled at, always drawing attention to herself........She was....


a little tug pulling her sidecar around!

On the left are links to the Stella Projects I have worked on, I hope they will help anyone who happens upon this page. Please send me links to your Stella projects so we can help everyone who loves these great little scooters!