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Last updated:
July 5, 2015


Scooters for me didn't exist for me until a friend of mine showed up to lunch one day on a Stella 2T with a sidecar. I was a Harley person, I had been riding motorcycles for 38 years. I hadn't been without a Harley for 20+ years, but here I was thinking this little scooter with a sidecar was just about the coolest thing I'd seen. That was the start and the rest is continued on the Stella page.

Our first scooter was a Buddy 125, a cheap commuter that we picked up after I sold my last Harley. It had the looks Judy liked and I thought it was very fun and responsive while riding it.

Judy on Buddy

To the left are links to the Buddy, Stella and Links pages which I will keep updating as new projects are completed or I find interesting things to post. Any input will be appreciated so don't be shy!