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Last updated:
July 4, 2015

Stella-LED Lighting Project

After driving by my wife one morning, while it was still dark, she noticied that the rear lights of the scooter could only be seen from a short distance. The turn signals on Stella are less than stellar so an upgrade was needed for them as well.

To begin I did my research and found that the flasher unit on Stella has so much resistance almost no power gets to the lights. I decided on a unit that could work with either LED or regular lights. After shopping around I found a CF12-ANL-01 Flasher for under $10.

FlasherTurn Signal Lamps

I paired the flasher with the lamps pictured above (amper light) and the final result was more that I hoped for. See for yourself.



As you can see, a must for any Stella and it only cost $24 on eBay.