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Last updated:
July 11, 2015


Buddy was the first Scooter. We bought Buddy, a 2006, with 7000 miles in April of 2014. We didn't have any trouble for the couple of thousand miles but then it started dying when it was cold but would start right back up. After a couple of days, it didn't start right back up and the first thing I thought of was the Carb. Out it came for a cleaning, which did nothing. The float bowl was pretty clean and everything seemed to be working as it should. I checked the electrics and it seems like the CDI was dead. I replaced that and Buddy was back, for a short time. I checked with the local Genuine dealer who said it was probably the Carb or Valves so I took it in for a carb cleaning and valve adjustment. That worked for about 36 hours and a call back to the dealer said it was the stator. To YouTube I went and after getting a stator from Scooterworks I swapped out the stator. Being an ex-Harley wrench I thought this would be easy, which it was. I started Buddy back up and it ran perfectly for about 2 minutes, then it seized. Was it me or was it the engine? I have my opinion but that would not change the fact I needed a new engine (don't over tighten the Stator nut!). A quick check of eBay and a 2014 engine with 400 miles on it was on it's way. Swapping an engine on Buddy was very easy and done in a morning. Buddy is now performing perfectly and getting over 90 mpg with the new engine. Buddy even picked up about 5 mph with the new engine installed.

New in Old out

Since the swap I have another 500 miles on Buddy and it's running perfect.

Should Stella let me spend more money on Buddy I'll post any changes I might make to it.