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Last updated:
July 4, 2015

Stella-Air Horn Project

If you own a Stella you know that the horn is almost as useless as the turn signals. It is in a hard to get place and sounds like you just stepped on a chipmunk. So after 3 cars "not seeing me" in one short ride the idea of an air horn was cemented into my mind. Research on Modern Buddy, YouTube, and Modern Vespa gave me an idea on how and where to install I started. The best place I found to mount the relay was near the battery under the left cowl. Holes are already there so that was the easiest part of the install.

Horn Relay Location

I wanted to keep the stock horn as a friendly hello horn while using the air horn as a "look out, here I am" reminder. The installs I found for a foot operated switch all looked a little too visible to me so I went a different route. I found several installs with this type of switch and wiring.


I prefered a cleaner and smaller option and I didn't want the wiring exposed. This is what I came up with: Using a boat horn switch, insulated connectors, a "sticky back", and some old wire protection a switch was installed. I had to drill a 1/2" hole in the floorboard and as you can see I missed dead center by just a bit. The height of the switch allowed me to raise the button to a height above the rubber strips.

My Switch

hidden wires

The horn itself was installed under my sidecar using a brace used for framing houses I picked up from the Home Depot.

Horn under the Sidecar

I mounted the horn so that it was about an inch higher than the bar attaching the sidecar to the scooter, so I feel it is safe. I also mounted it with the opening pointed to the rear to keep water from being forced up the horn. Stella is always a work in progress so I'll post any changes to this set up.

Here is Stella with her new voice.