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About Me

I grew up in Fort Wayne, IN and started playing organized baseball when I was 8 years old in the Wildcat League. I played at McMillen Park, which was right across the street from my house. I then moved on to Little League Baseball where I had the honor of being coached by a man who I regard as the best Little League coach a person could have. Myron Meyer not only taught us how to play baseball, he taught us how to live our lives. Words cannot express what I owe this man, both in sports and life.

I then moved on to Pony and Colt League before ending my baseball career. While playing baseball I would hang around the park and saw Fast Pitch Softball for the first time. I would fill in when a team needed player and learned the game a bit.

While stationed in Karlsruhe Germany (US Army) OJ McLamore was getting a team together to play in a local tournament and I joined in. This was the start of my love of the game. The following years (1982-1983) I caught for the Karlsruhe Community Fast Pitch team. We were probably the 3rd best team in Germany and were asked by Bill Jeffrey to play in a tournament in Holland. This was the 1st Bill Jeffrey Tournament and we were given the royal treatment in Holland. In '84-'85 I was back in the States only to return to Germany in '86. Upon my return I joined the Eschborn Travellers with whom I played until 1989 when it was decided not to continue with the name of the Travellers. I continued to play in the Bill Jeffrey Tournament for a few years with other teams but never was it as fun as with the Travellers.

After leaving the Army I stayed in Holland where I played in the highest level of Fast-Pitch until I turned 40. I always remembered what Felipe Dumodie said, "when I turn 40 I will stop playing, I don't want anyone to say 'he used to be good'". Well Felipe, that's what I thought too. So I stopped playing serious and played for fun. I also coached both Men's and Women's Fast Pitch in Holland's "Hoofdklasse" (the highest level in Holland) and also coached the Belgium Men's National Team in 2002 when we ended 5th in the European Championships.

Since moving back the US in 2004 the only serious ball I've played is in the 2009 ASA Over 50 Nationals.

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